Our projectalbe TeachTimer II, and TeachTimer along with our MyChron/MyChron II student timers are excellent resource tools to develop students' time management and test-taking skills. Check out our unique Hall Pass Timer...a great classroom management tool. TeachTimer II
MyChron II
Hall Pass Timer
TeachTimer II
The NEW Time Management Tool
The Time Management Tool
Same great features of our current TeachTimer!

• Projects large numbers for easy classroom viewing.
• Counts up to or down from zero.
• Timingcounts can be paused or repeated easily.
• Audible signal gives pre-warning before end of
  timing count.
• In chronograph mode, read elapsed time while
  timer keeps running.
• Clock mode gives choice of 12 or 24-hour format
  turned off.
• Battery-saver feature lets clock run while display
  is turned off.
• One-year warranty
• Can be placed in stand-up position on desktop for
  individual or small group use
• One-year warranty

• Self-contained projection...
  NO overhead projector needed.

• QK-SET key to quickly set timer to 5, 10, 15,
  etc. minutes
• RANDOM NUMBER generator mode; selects
  numbers from 2-150
• AUTO-REPEAT option to start next timing
  session immediately using same set time.• R
• REMINDER setting to remind students at
  one-minute intervals as time elapses.
• Powered by AC/DC Adapter or
  batteries (both included

Product No. 228
This unique timer was specifically designed for the classroom teacher to use in timing tests, reading assignments, science experiments or any other classroom or school activity. When placed on the stage of any standard overhead projector, or document camera, the TeachTimer projects in large numerals the amount of minutes/seconds remaining during timed events. A Pre-Alarm warning feature lets you set a warning of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes before time set for activity is to expire. The TeachTimer can also be placed on a desktop in a stand-up position for personal or small group viewing. An indispensable "time management tool" for teachers and students.

• Timer can count down to or up from zero.
• Timing counts can be paused or repeated.
• Audible signal gives pre-warning before end of
  timing count.
• In chronograph mode, lap key allows elapsed
  time to be read while timer keeps running.
• Clock mode gives choice of twelve or
  24-hour format.
• Battery-saver mode lets clock run with display
  turned off.
• One-year warranty

Product No. 229
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Download TeachTimer Manual (PDF)
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Download TeachTimer II Quick Guide (PDF)
Download TeachTimer II Manual (PDF)
Individual Student Timer
MyChron II
Individual Student Timer
Finally, an affordable count up individual student timer!

The MyChron is a great tool to enrich many of your classroom activities in... science, reading, mathematics, assessment, student time management, physical education, etc.

Easy to use 3-key operation: LAP - START/STOP - ON/RESET

• Easy to read display in: hundredths/seconds
• Automatic shut-off when not in use; timer turns
  on with ON/RESET key
• Clear storage box for easy, visible classroom
• Designed for attachment of lanyard
• Belt clip, magnet, and stand on back case

Product No. 261 (boxed 6-pack)

Product No. 262
(boxed 12-pack)
An inexpensive count UP/count DOWN timer, with alarm! A great tool when you want to set a time for a specific task in your classroom with individual students or small groups. Features include:

• Easy to use 4-key operation:
  Minute (set) • Second (set) • Start/Stop • On/Reset
• Count up or down to time you set for activity
• In count up mode, timer continues to time activity,
  after alarm, until Start/Stop key is pressed
• In count down mode, timer stops when set
  time expires
• ON/RESET key quickly resets timer to previous
  set time
• Automatic shut-off when not in use
• Easy to read display in hundredths/second
• Belt clip, magnet, and stand on back case

Product No. 265 (Boxed 6-pack)
View Function Display & Bid Specifications
View Function Display & Bid Specifications
Hall Pass Timer
Help Students manage the amount of time they are out of your classroom with this unique timer.

• Same time kept on both the HALL PASS and the Teacher Monitor.
• HALL PASS and Teacher Monitor can be easily set for an allotted time for
  student to be out of  your classroom.
• 'TIMES'S UP' warning lights and alarms on both HALL PASS and
  Teacher Monitor.
• 'Memory Time' in Teacher Monitor gives you the time for the last three uses of
  the HALL PASS.
• HALL PASS has accompanying lanyard for 'hands-free' use.
• Hangs on your wall or sets on your desk for easy access by students.
• Easy to replace long-lasting AAA batteries.
• One-year warranty.

Product No. 529
Download Hall Pass Timer Manual (PDF)