OH-500L Emulates Sharp El-500L
OH-509RT Emulates Sharp EL-509RH
OH-509LH Emulates Sharp EL-509LH
Emulates Sharp El-500L
Emulates Sharp EL-509LH
This calculator, made for middle school students, features Direct Algebraic Logic (D.A.L.) to simplify entry of equations; extra large 10-digit LCD numerical dot matrix readout; fraction functions: simplification, mixed fractions, reduce to common denominator, GCF and LCM; checking D.A.L. capability showing expression and results simultaneously; simple scientific functions; and 124 functions with two memories.

Product No. 241
This calculator is suitable for high school students, featuring Direct Algebraic Logic (D.A.L.) to simplify entry of equations; extra-large 10-digit 2-line LCD display (1 line equation and 1 line numeric); checking D.A.L. shows expression and results simultaneously; single variable statistics; fraction calculations and 152 functions with three memories.

Product No. 242
Emulates Sharp EL-509RH
The OH-509RT calculator has an extra-large 10-digit LCD with numeric dot matrix readout. D.A.L. Direct Algebraic Logic simplifies entry of equations, checking D.A.L. shows expression and results simultaneously. Users can "play back" equations to substitute new numeric values. Continuous calculation function allows user to keep the prior result for the next calculation. Other features include: 183 functions, constant calculation, 2 variable statistics.

Product No. 243