Here is a close-up look at a sample game from our new Numero spinner gameset. We recommend these games be used as a change of pace or as a quick review of selected math skills at other appropriate times. Because students will develop new strategies as they expand their mathematical knowledge and experience from playing these games each time, they can be used repeatedly throughout the academic year.

A game to develop/practice place value skills.

Numero Spinner, Student Game Sheet and Spinner Overhead Transparency

Choose which game is to be played on Student Game Sheet; Game 1 is largest/smallest number, Game 2 is largest/smallest even number and Game 3 is largest/smallest odd number. Use 16 spins to find the largest and smallest numbers for game selected on the Student Game Sheet. After each spin, each player places the number spun in one of the 16 squares of the game you have selected to play. Continue through all spins until the game squares of the chosen game are filled.

Note: Recommend you record each number spun in "Record of Spins" on bottom of spinner overhead to help players avoid recording a number that has not been spun.

Determine the winner(s): Player(s) with the largest and smallest number in selected game. If you are playing multiple games simultaneously, you may wish to give points for each game line; e.g. 5 points for each game line in Game 1 and 10 points for each game line in Games 2 and 3.


• To shorten game use only 8 spins and have players declare before first spin if they are trying for largest or
  smallest number in the game selected.

• Play all three games simultaneously using each number spun in all three games.

• Lower difficulty of game by masking off higher place value squares.
Numero Student Game Sheet & Spinner Sheet