The Tortoise Who Bragged Clever Calculator Cat
The Tortoise Who Bragged
Chinese Tale With Trigrams
Clever Calculator Cat
Clever Calculations About Cats & Other Cool Creatures

This classic Chinese folktale for children has been enhanced with TRIGRAM puzzle activities to entice your students to build their symmetry and spatial mathematics skills. As the tortoise and his egret friends embark on a dramatic journey, TRIGRAM puzzles integrated into the book's illustrations invite students to assemble solutions while reading about the tortoise and his friends' quest for a new home.8-1/2 x 11, 32 pages, full color, grades 2-4.

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Storybook with TRIGRAM puzzle

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Excite students about exploring and applying many strands of mathematics: place value, addition and subtraction, estimation, etc., as they read about the comparisons between Clever Calculator Cat and other animals. The use of animal facts provide students with a context for their computations and gives more meaning to the calculations, while encouraging effective use of the calculator as they become more aware of reasonable and unreasonable numbers. The Teacher's Resource Book is divided into eight thematic parts: Pet Store, Weight, Teeth, Speeds, Life Spans, Babies, Wildlife Shelter and All About Cats. Teacher's Resource Book has storybook follow-up activity sheets, extensions and mathematical objectives. Grades 2-4.

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