Our Math Games are a fun and exciting way to break classroom routine and at the same time spur learning and development of good math skills. These games have been developed with the cooperation of math and education experts to have maximum impact and effectiveness as classroom activities. CALC!
CALC! Numero
Developed by David E. Williams, Ed.D.

The game that tests mental math skills & calculator skills!

Which do you use, mental math, paper and pencil, or a calculator to solve these 200 problems? Students use the displayed keys on the calculator card face to reach the target number at the top of the card. Using the quickest method to find the solution wins the game! A fast-paced, exciting game that builds and practices students' mental math, calculator, estimation, problem-solving and communication skills...increased work with all these skills is recommended by the NCTM Standards! Each deck contains 100 double-sided game cards plus an instruction booklet with game variations.

Cards are 3-1/2 x 5 inches for ease of play.

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Product No. 470 (CALC! Deck A, grades 2-5)

Product No. 471 (CALC! Deck B, grades 4-9)
Whole numbers

Product No. 472 (CALC! Deck C, grades 5-10)
Whole numbers/decimals/integers

Product No. 473 (CALC! Deck D, grades 6-10)
Whole numbers/decimals/integers/exponents
Spin Excitement into your classroom with these twelve new games

This unique set of projectable spinner and game templates provides students development and practice with skills in place value, writing greater than/less than and odd/even numbers, basic operations, probability, communication, etc. Numero provides the increased work NCTM Standards recommend in these skill areas. This UNIQUE, specially designed projectable spinner enhances these games by slowly spinning to a stop like a real game show spinner! Each of the twelve Numero games comes with instructions & variations, student recording sheets and spinner transparencies ready for the overhead. Grades 3-9.

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Product No. 475