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he Calculator Caddy I is a useful organizer specifically designed to hold 30 MathMasters, TI-108s, MathMates, Casio SL-450Ls, or any other student calculator up to 2-3/4 inches in width. Made of heavy denim with numbered pockets, it can be hung from map or wall hooks for easy access. The caddy can be folded while loaded with calculators for convenient storage. Five rows of 6 pockets each. 34 x 23 inches.

Product No. 210
The Calculator Caddy III is designed to hold FIFTEEN TI-10, TI-15, Casio fx-300W, and graphing calculator models or similar calculatrors up to 4 3/8 inch wide. Three rows of five pockets each. 34 x 25 inches. Made of the same material as Calculator Caddy I.

Product No. 410

Calculator Caddy III

The Calculator Caddy II is designed to hold thirty TI-12, TI-30XII, TI-34II, Casio fx-55, fx-65, or other calculators up to 3 inches wide. Five rows of six pockets each (see Caddy I image above). 45 X 24 inches.

Product No. 310