Features & Benefits
• PROGRAMS: The APOTHECALC's preprogrammed sequences can compute drug calculations,
  dose, rate, volume, concentration without nomograms and charts.

• UNITS CONVERSIONS: Converts any of 28 common apothecary measures, including temperature,
  weights and fluid volumes, at the touch of a key. (See Conversion Operations for complete listing)

• SPEED: Quickly computes any of the commonly-used IV formulas without nomograms and charts.

• FAST RECHECK: Step quickly through a formula to see the values used in arriving at the result.

• FAST ERROR CORRECTIONS: Erroneous values are quickly replaced and new results computed
  without going back through the entire problem.

• ACCURACY: Results shown to tenths of a unit, expandable to five decimal places with one key press.

• INFORMATIVE DISPLAY: Prompts you for required data entry and shows which unit of measure the
  displayed result represents.

• ACCURACY OF ENTRIES: A switchable tone announces the activation of keys. This eliminates
  inadvertent double-entry and no-entry errors.

• USE AT NIGHT OR IN DIM LIGHT: Switchable backlighting makes the display easy to read without
  external light source.

• SIZE: Designed to fit comfortably in the hand or easily carried in a pocket or pouch.

• POWER: Uses long-lasting, easy-to-get lithium batteries (2032). Turns off automatically if you forget;
  increases battery life.