Apothecalc Three-mode Apothecary Calculator  
Three-mode Apothecary Calculator

The APOTHECALC is a pre-programmed computer with sequences that calculate body surface area, dose rates, administration rates for medication, volume, concentration and more. It is also a powerful units measurement converter with 28 key conversions like CC to ounce, grain to GM, ML to MCGTT, F° to C°, LB to KG, MG to GM and more. In addition, the APOTHECALC is a normal five-function calculator. Other features include:

• Memory stores results, saving re-entry of data
• Backlit display allows reading in all light levels
• Detailed instruction manual plus Quick
  Reference Guide
• 30-day money back guarantee
• One-year warranty

112.5mm (4-3/8") x 74mm (2-7/8") x 7mm 3/8" Power source: two lithium button batteries.

Product No. 800
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