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Stokes Publishing Company began publishing teacher resource books in 1972. Our founder, William Stokes, developed and patented the unique Overhead Calculator in 1979. This technology provides teachers the capability, by using any standard overhead projector, to project both the calculator display and the entire calculator keyboard for ease of instruction. In association with Texas Instruments, Casio, Sharp and other producers of educational calculators,we produce a whole spectrum of overhead calculators that perfectly emulate a large selection of non-graphing and graphing student calculators.

In response to teachers' needs, we have also developed the TeachTimer, the original projectable overhead timer and the improved self-projecting TeachTimer II; as well as individual timers, puzzles, manipulatives, and many other classroom resources.

We are always looking for new ideas that will assist teachers in achieving their classroom and curriculum goals—contact us with your ideas for new products.